luni, 18 noiembrie 2013

Franturi... analogice

Poti astepta calul ala dornic de stransoarea picioarelor tale mult si bine. Nu te increde ca o si vina. Nu de alta, dar picioare se mai gasesc...

I wanna make love to your existence, drenched in the colours of your energy, then masturbate to the memories. I wanna drink the sweat of your intellect, reflect and watch your light passion off my neck. I wanna love you more than madly, wrap these legs around your word until your speech is straddled deep, then gladly swim the currents of your vibrations.

I would like one of these morning to wake up and find your face on a pillow lying right next to mine, but everytime me fantasize, me see your lips, me see eyes, your trigger finger does something and I remain hypnotized. For you it's just another little fling, but for me this is Heaven and the angel them I sing.

You brainwashed me and this tiny body of mine has become a river. It's hard for me to open my eyes and I do it little for little because I know I will no longer find you near. How to say that it cracks my bones into thousands of pieces? I'll keep your memory as the best secret. How sweet is to have you inside.

Viata este eterna, iar moartea nu este decat un orizont; si un orizont nu este nimic mai mult decat limita la care ajunge privirea noatra.

You;re beautiful so silently, that lies beneath the shades of blue, it struck me so violently when I looked at you. But others past, they never paused to feel that magic in your hand.

Lucrurile s-ar traduce deci prin urmatoarele:

Coldplay - missionary position only. But lots of kissing and eye contact.
Daft Punk - depends. You're either prone to "raging" in the sense of "partying a lot" or in the sense of "throwing your X-box controller on the floor and smashing it with your purple Sam Jackson lightsaber relica.".
Prince - you're a little weird, but you make up for it by being a total sex machine.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - you're not super-interesting, but you're nice enough and you're certainly not going anywhere, so...
Sinatra - it bugs you that people aren't classier these days.
David Bowie - you're selective, but slutty.
Led Zeppelin - if you're a woman, you're hot. If you're a guy, you're average.
The Pixies - relax. You're cool.
No Doubt - if you're a girl, you're a confident person, but you know what it's like to get treated like crap.
Nirvana - you're angry and hurt.
Radiohead - you're angry and hurt. But you're open to getting some professional help.
The Cure - you fall in love way too easily.
Guns N' Roses - you're going to have sex in the bathroom and regret it.
Leonard Cohen - you're the kind of person that people get obsessed with for years. Too bad you're to depressed to appreciate it.
Depeche Mode - you're screwed up, but you know it, which actually does help.

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