luni, 30 august 2010

Album of the week # 4

Slash - Slash 2010

Saul Hudson (born 23 July 1965), better known by his stage name Slash, is a British-American musician. He is the former lead guitarist of the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, with whom he performed and recorded between 1985 and 1996. He later formed Slash's Snakepit and co-founded Velvet Revolver with his former bandmates Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, and his debut solo album, Slash, was released in April 2010.

Slash has received critical recognition as a guitarist. In August 2009, Time Magazine ranked him #2 on its list of the "10 Best Electric Guitar Players of All-Time". He was also ranked #21 on Gigwise's list of the "50 Greatest Guitarists Ever".

Slash is the eponymous debut solo album by former Guns N' Roses and current Velvet Revolver guitarist, Slash. The album was produced by Eric Valentine and features multiple musicians including four of the five members of the Appetite for Destruction era Guns N' Roses lineup: Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler. Vocalist Axl Rose is the only member of that lineup who does not perform on Slash.

On February 4, 2010, Slash announced via a MySpace blog that "Myles Kennedy is going to be fronting the band for the upcoming tour. Something I'm really stoked about. Myles sang a killer track on the record & I think he is by far one of the best Rock & Roll singers out there today. I'm really honored & proud to be working with him." Concert dates and ticket information have not yet currently been released but the guitarist confirmed, via Twitter that he was in talks with England's Download Festival promoter Andy Copping regarding an appearance with Kennedy and the rest of the touring band at the festival. Slash confirmed that he will play his own solo material and songs from Guns N' Roses ("Civil War", "Sweet Child O' Mine," and "Nightrain" among others), Velvet Revolver, and Slash's Snakepit, as well as Alter Bridge material ("Rise Today").
The touring line-up for the upcoming tour, besides Myles Kennedy and himself is Bobby Schneck (Slash's Blues Ball, Aerosmith) on rhythm guitar, Dave Henning (Big Wreck) on bass and Brent Fitz (Alice Cooper) on drums. He then announced via Twitter that Todd Kerns (Age of Electric, Static in Stereo, Sin City Sinners) would be performing bass duties on the tour instead of Dave Henning.
Slash performed "By the Sword" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on April 6, and on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on April 9. While performing the song on Jay Leno's show, Slash was wearing an "I'm With Coco" pin, to show support for former Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien. There are very few close-ups of Slash during the song, but TMZ caught one second where the pin was displayed on camera. Slash also played "By the Sword" on Lopez Tonight on April 9, 2010 and performed "Back from Cali" on the show on April 12. Slash and Adam Levine performed "Gotten" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 11.

Upon release, Slash entered the Billboard 200 charts at number 3 (also at number one on the Rock, Hard Rock, Digital and the Independent Albums Chart) with 61,000 copies sold during the first week. The album also debuted at number one in Canada, Austria, New Zealand and Sweden while it also broke into the top 20 in Germany, Finland, Australia, France, Norway, Poland and Switzerland.
The album's first single, "By the Sword" (feat. Andrew Stockdale) peaked at number 41 on the Rock Songs Chart and number 78 on the Canadian Hot 100. "Beautiful Dangerous" (feat. Fergie) charted at number 11 and number 58 on the Heatseekers Songs and Canadian Hot 100. The cover of "Paradise City" (feat. Fergie & Cypress Hill) also charted on the Canadian Hot 100 at number 75.
The album has received generally mixed reviews, scoring a 54 out of 100 ("mixed or average reviews") on Metacritic. MTV News Writer Kyle Anderson called the album "a tremendous collection of hard rock songs that center around the axe man's signature chunky, swirling riffs.... On balance, it's an excellent album, and it feels good to have that classic Slash sound back." Writer Shelby Powell took note of Slash's precision on guitar, rating the album 3.5/5 thumbs, but took off points for "a little too much reverence paid to the 90’s and some of the feature selections may have old head purists poking their bottom lips out and putting their lighters down," but concludes that "the assortment of genres blends well."
As of the summer of 2010, the tour has been promoted as "Slash featuring Myles Kennedy".

Track listing:

> Ghost
> Crucify The Dead
> Beautiful Dangerous
> Back From Cali
> Promise
> By The Sword
> Gotten
> Doctor Alibi
> Watch This
> I Hold On
> Nothing To Say
> Starlight
> Saint Is A Sinner Too
> We`re All Gonna Die


duminică, 29 august 2010

Another sunny day in hell

April. Green. Sunny. White. Life… or not?

While the train is moving slowly towards stations, and people from the country-side are busy with their agriculture outside works, and others just run from point A to point B, a man stands alone in his compartment. Thinking and standing alone. Just by himself. He`s in a black suite. Black trousers, black jacket, black shirt, black waistcoat, black sox, black shoes; maybe his underwear is black too. Even his glasses are black too. He doesn`t have a tie. His watch belt is black too. He`s some kind a man in black. I hope not from the movie.


A shine of color and yellow-green light.
And dark again.

Or maybe he is going to a funeral. Maybe someone close to him just died. And I try to find a smile somewhere.

Does anybody remember laughter?
Trying to free his mind he watches over the window. I don`t know if he sees something, but by his look, don`t seems to look at something or even care.
It`s like a mystery.
A black spot in the whole yellow-green light. But still not a black hole sun… or not?
Flash break.

Fade to black from purple.

I wonder if he`s black inside too, or at least gry, because his skin is so white with some red spots.
4 buttons.
That is classy.
Black flash break, but still purple.

I`m home…
Or not?

And for the feeling:

> In Flames - The Chosen Pessimist

sâmbătă, 28 august 2010

Keep weeping

The landscape is running away, while the train is moving on the old railway. A fine lady stands in front of me, looking like a middle age kind of queen with dark hair, brown eyes and a fur hat on her head.

I was neading a moment for myself in a violent urban jungle, and than trying to stop chasing shadows just enjoy the ride.

And for the feeling:

> Dark Tranquillity - Therein

P.S.: Payback motherfucker!!!

luni, 23 august 2010

Album of the week # 3

Eminem – Recovery 2010

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), better known by his stage name Eminem (often styled "EMINƎM"), is an American rapper, record producer, and actor. Eminem quickly gained popularity in 1999 with his major-label debut album, The Slim Shady LP, which won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. The following album, The Marshall Mathers LP, became the fastest-selling solo album in United States history. It brought Eminem increased popularity, including his own record label, Shady Records, and brought his group project, D12, to mainstream recognition.

Recovery is the seventh studio album by American rapper Eminem, released June 18, 2010 by Aftermath Entertainment and Shady Records. Production for the album took place during 2009 to 2010 at several recording studios and was handled by various record producers, including Alex da Kid, Just Blaze, Boi-1da, Jim Jonsin, DJ Khalil, and Dr. Dre. Originally recorded as a sequel to Eminem's previous album Relapse (2009), Recovery features more introspective and emotional content than its predecessor.

The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 741,000 copies in its first week in the United States. It became Eminem's sixth consecutive number-one album in the US and topped the chart for five consecutive weeks. It also achieved international commercial success, charting at number one in several other countries, and produced two singles that achieved chart success, including international hits "Not Afraid" and "Love the Way You Lie". Despite some criticism towards its consistency, Recovery received generally positive reviews from most music critics. As of August 15, 2010, the album had sold 2.11 million copies in the US.

Track listing:

> Cold Wind Blows
> Talkin` 2 Myself
> On Fire
> Won`t Back Down
> W.T.P (White Trash Party)
> Going Through Changes
> Not Afraid
> Seduction
> No Love
> Space Bound
> Cinderella Man
> 25 To Life
> So Bad
> Almost Famous
> Love The Way You Lie
> You`re Never Over
> Untitled

sâmbătă, 21 august 2010

Playlist de weekend part 6 (Not afraid)

Da` in pula mea, nu am chef sa fac 10 minute pana la tine cand pot face 50 si sa merg lejer sa pot gandi in liniste si sa analizez situatia. Ma fut. N-am chef. Sunt satul de pizde de 15 ani chiar daca ma zbat intre adolescenta si tinerete.

Suna-m-ar o data aia sa ma sune!

Ma fut si in el C.F.R.. Ma pis pe el si ii dau si foc, ca pana la urma nu mi frica! Sa vina toti!
Aprinde-ti o data tigara aia ca ma enervezi deja!
Probabil ca excesul de vizualizat ove-isme dauneaza grav sanatatii!

Guns, razors, knives, fuck with me!!!

> Pink Floyd - Learnig To Fly
> 30 Seconds To Mars - Capricorn
> Deftones - Diamond Eyes
> Chad Kroeger & Josey Scott - Hero
> Eminem - Not Afraid

miercuri, 18 august 2010

Weekend cu festival

Art Mania – Nova Rock 2010

A fost Art Mania Festival 2010. Mda. Au fost 6 trupe mari pe scena principala: The Sisters Of Mercy, Kamelot, Swallow The Sun, Serj Tankian, Dark Tranquillity, si Sirenia; si alte cateva trupe pe scenele secundare ale festivalului: Act, Tiarra, L.O.S.T., 9.7 Richter, Sign Of Agony si Grimus.

Prima zi a cam sacanit din cam toate punctele de vedere. Din partea Kamelot ma asteptam la mai multe, dar nu a fost sa fie. Nici macar lume nu a prea fost. In schimb, Sign Of Agony a sunat bine in Music Pub si la fel si a doua zi in Piata Mica intr-un recital unplugged. In aceeasi zi de sambata, am mai prins si un concert 9.7 Richter in Bohemian Flow cu foarte putina lume dar la care au fost cativa indivizi printre care si eu care au gustat heavy metal-ul lor.

In schimb trupa suedeza, de Gothemburg metal/ melodic death metal, a rulat si la propriu si la figurat. A fost, cred, trupa care a adunat cel mai mare numar de oameni in Piata Mare din Sibiu.

In rest Art Mania, a insemnat trupe putine, si nu de foarte mare caliatate, lume si mai putina de la an la an, copii de 15 ani care probabil nu aveau ce face acasa sau pe mess si hi5, si cam atat.

Cam asta a insemnat Art Mania, la noi in Romanica, in Sibiu, un festival de metale. Dar altfel sta treaba in Austria, cu un festival care nu are ca vechime decat un an in plus fata de Art Mania, si anume la Nova Rock. Un festival care se tine de 6 ani incoace si care numara anual peste 100.000 de specatori anual, anul acesta inregistrandu-se un numar de 150.000 de spectatori.

Pai cred si eu ca la un line-up format din peste 50 de trupe de renume din care amintim doar pe: Hellyeah, Airbourne, Slash, Stone Sour, Stone Temple Pilots, Rammstein, The Hives, Joan Jett, Green Day, Skindred, Heaven Shall Burn, Amon Amarth, Slayer, Alice In Chains, The Prodigy, Unearth, As I Lay Dying, Deftones, Killswitch Engage si Bullet For My Valentine, cred si eu ca vine lumea. 2 scene in paralel, plus scena “plingg” de anul acesta care a fost ocupata doar de artisti underground.

Ca sa nu mai vorbim de diferenta de civilizatie intre aceste 2 evenimente, de oameni care se bat, de cocalari, de politie sau forte de ordine de-am-pulea, si asa mai departe.

Concluzia: daca vreti sa mergi sa vezi o trupa si un festival ca lumea, te duci dincolo. E garantat de cele mai multe ori mult mai fain decat aici. Si se merita.

Iar pana data viitoare te las cu aceasta imagine cu Slash si cu piesa asta:

> Dark Tranquillity – Therein


luni, 16 august 2010

Album of the week # 2

Pantera – Cowboys From Hell 1990

Pantera was an American heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas, formed by the Abbott brothers, Vinnie Paul (drums) and Dimebag Darrell (guitar) in 1981. Bassist Rex Brown would join in late 1981 with vocalist Terry Glaze. In 1987 Phil Anselmo would become the group's lead vocalist. After disbanding in 2003, any hope of a reunion was lost in 2004, when Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed on-stage at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio on December 8 while performing with his new band, Damageplan.

Cowboys from Hell is Pantera's fifth album and their first Atco Records album, recorded at The Dallas Sound Lab in Irving, TX and released on July 24, 1990. This was their first commercially successful album, exposing the band's groove metal style to mainstream audiences.

Cowboys from Hell is seen as Pantera's "official" debut by most fans, as well as the band itself as they left behind their glam metal past and began to exhibit a more groove metal-oriented sound.

The album was available on tape, CD, vinyl and a Limited Edition version (Same album but in a long box).

Soon after its release, a logo for the band was made featuring the letters 'CFH' (the acronym of the album title) in a circular design. Philip Anselmo has this tattooed on the side of his head with a ring of barbed wire surrounding it. Many Pantera fans now have this tattoo design on various places on their bodies.

The song "Cowboys from Hell" is featured on the PlayStation 2 game Guitar Hero and a live version of the song is featured in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits.

20th anniversary editions are set to come out in September 14th 2010. They will be digitally remastered. The expanded edition will feature a bonus CD of live recordings. The deluxe edition will feature an additional CD with the previously unreleased track "The Will to Survive" along with demo versions of several songs from the original album.

Track listing:

> Cowboys From Hell

> Primal Concrete Sledge

> Psycho Holiday

> Heresy

> Cemetery Gates

> Domination

> Shattered

> Clash With Reality

> Medicine Man

> Message In Blood

> The Sleep

> The Art Of Sherdding


vineri, 13 august 2010

Shed my skin at the cemetery gates

Iti dai seama ca nu ma apuc acum sa scriu despre Art Mania and shit ca parca e prea cliseu… Mai bine iti zic ca e fain cand de fapt nu e, si cat de bine si de cosy e cand nu e.

Momentan nu am altceva in cap decat piese bune si trairi de pe urma lor. Imagineaza-ti ca esti intr-o sfera, privesti un oras luminat de undeva de pe un deal, inchizi ochii si esti acolo unde vrei tu sa fii. O sa-ti placa. Deci ai priceput: sfera, oras, lumini, ai inchis ochii. Na, acum da drumul la winamp sau la orice alt program de muzica si pune urmatoarea piesa: Pantera – Cemetery Gates. Da-i volum. Am zis sa-i dai volum. Bun. Acum fa bine si aprinde-ti o tigara!

Deja pun pariu ca te simti mai bine.

Daca incepi sa te invarti in sfera esti pe drumul cel bun, daca nu, mai ai de lucrat.

Daca incepi sa ma intelegi, sau cum zice americanul: “Are you feeling me…?”, atunci simte-te bine, macar pana poti. Dupa te poti apuca de orice alta treaba ai. Oricum o sa fredonezi piesa asta mult de acum incolo.

Daca intre timp s-a terminat si piesa si tigara nu e nici o problema, iti mai pregatesti cate una din fiecare.

Oricum adori momentele astea, pentru ca fac parte din acele clipe ale vieti cand te gandesti pe unde ai fost si cu cine si ce ai facut.

Acum poti alege intre “Shed my skin” si “Broken wings” de la Alter Bridge. Eu stiu sigur ce o sa aleg, dar tu ai intaietate. Diac sigur o sa aleaga “Broken wings”.

Si pana la urma chiar daca esti departe, exista tehnologie, exista trairi, exista lucruri care ne leaga. Vorba aia: cand va fi mai rau sa ne fie asa de bine.

Iar acum ca e “Tarziu” trebuie sa inchid si eu.

Fratica, ne vedem la o bere deseara in R&B!

Take care.


luni, 9 august 2010

Album of the week # 1

Linkin Park – Meteora 2003

Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Formed in 1996, the band rose to international fame with their debut album, Hybrid Theory, which was certified Diamond by the RIAA in 2005 and multi-platinum in several other countries. Its following studio album, Meteora, continued the band's success, topping the Billboard 200’s album charts in 2003, and was followed by extensive touring and charity work around the world. In 2003, MTV2 named Linkin Park the sixth greatest band of the music video era and the third best of the new millennium behind Oasis and Coldplay.

Having adapted the nu metal and rap metal genres to a radio-friendly yet densely-layered style in Hybrid Theory and Meteora, the band explored other genres in their next studio album, Minutes to Midnight, which was released in 2007. The album topped theBillboard charts and had the third best debut week of any album that year. The band has collaborated with several other artists, most notably with rapper Jay-Z in their mashup EP Collision Course, and many others included on Reanimation. Linkin Park has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and have won two Grammy Awards.

Following the success of Hybrid Theory and Reanimation, Linkin Park spent a significant amount of time touring around the United States. The band members began to work on new material amidst its saturated schedule, spending a sliver of their free time in their tour bus' studio. The band officially announced the production of a new studio album in December 2002, revealing its new work was inspired by the rocky region of Meteora in Greece, where numerous monasteries have been built on top of the rocks. Meteora features a mixture of the band's previous nu metal and rapcore styles with newer innovative effects, including the induction of a shakuhachi (a Japanese flute made of bamboo) and other instruments. Linkin Park's second album debuted on March 25, 2003 and instantly earned worldwide recognition, going to #1 in the US and UK, and #2 in Australia.

Meteora sold more than 800,000 copies during its first week, and it ranked as the best selling album on the Billboard charts at the time. The album's singles, including "Somewhere I Belong", "Breaking the Habit", "Faint", and "Numb", received significant radio attention. By October 2003, Meteora sold nearly three million copies. The album's success allowed Linkin Park to form another Projekt Revolution, which featured other bands and artists including, Mudvayne, Blindside, and Xzibit. Additionally, Metallica invited Linkin Park to play at the Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003, which included well-known acts such as Limp Bizkit, Mudvayne and Deftones. The band released an album and DVD, entitled Live in Texas, which consisted of audio and video tracks of some of the band's performances in Texas during the tour. In early 2004, Linkin Park started a world tour titled the Meteora World Tour, supporting bands on the tour included Hoobastank, P.O.D. and Story of the Year.

Meteora earned the band multiple awards and honors. The band won the MTV awards for Best Rock Video for "Somewhere I Belong and the Viewer's Choice Award for "Breaking the Habit". Linkin Park also received significant recognition during the 2004 Radio Music Awards, winning the Artist of the Year and Song of the Year ("Numb") awards. AlthoughMeteora was not nearly as successful as Hybrid Theory, it was the third best selling album in the United States during 2003. The band spent the first few months of 2004 touring around the world, first with the third Projekt Revolution tour, and later several European concerts.

Track listing:

> Foreword
> Don`t Stay
> Somewher I Belong
> Lying From You
> Hit The Floor
> Easier To Run
> Faint
> Figure. 09
> Breaking The Habit
> From The Inside
> Nobody`s Listening
> Session
> Numb


sâmbătă, 7 august 2010

Medieval aged

Daca tot e vara, si de ceva vreme au inceput festivalele medievale de prin te miri unde, am pregatit un playlist adecvat, mai mult sau mai putin.
Iar partea buna din acest post: macar nu e folk la mijloc…
Deci, sper sa va delectati…

> Carl Orff – Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi – O Fortuna
> Carl Orff – Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi – Fortune Plango Vulnera
> Nightwish – Deep Silent Complete
> Alan Silvestri – Transylvanian Horses
> Nightwish – Once Upon A Troubadour
> Epica – Consign to Oblivion (A New Age Dawns Part 3)
> Idina Menzel – A Hero Comes Home (End Credits Version)
> Nightwish – Ghost Love Score
> Enya – May It be
> Carl Orff - Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi – O Fortuna


luni, 2 august 2010

Fire, Air, Earth, Water part 2 (Wasting the Dawn)

Fire walk with me
Na na na na na na na
Fire walk with me...
Shut the fuck up!
You are ugly,
I don`t like you,
Stop it!
It stopped
I hope..._____
Air, air and water
God, it feels so good
Air and water, no fire, no soil – I have enough earth for both of us - , just air and water.
“Breath, breath in the air.
Don`t be afraid to care.”
And then less water, no water
But I have air
Dry air, but still moist, sttt..._____
Will more water come tomorrow?
Or not?
I`m high above
1st of July
1st of August

Earth, Water, Fire, Air part 1 (Captain Planet)

Yesterday water was flooding the earth,
Today air surrounds the earth,
Tomorrow fire will burn it;
And then, water clears it all with one giant wave
Fire was extinguished…
Or not?

1st of July