duminică, 29 august 2010

Another sunny day in hell

April. Green. Sunny. White. Life… or not?

While the train is moving slowly towards stations, and people from the country-side are busy with their agriculture outside works, and others just run from point A to point B, a man stands alone in his compartment. Thinking and standing alone. Just by himself. He`s in a black suite. Black trousers, black jacket, black shirt, black waistcoat, black sox, black shoes; maybe his underwear is black too. Even his glasses are black too. He doesn`t have a tie. His watch belt is black too. He`s some kind a man in black. I hope not from the movie.


A shine of color and yellow-green light.
And dark again.

Or maybe he is going to a funeral. Maybe someone close to him just died. And I try to find a smile somewhere.

Does anybody remember laughter?
Trying to free his mind he watches over the window. I don`t know if he sees something, but by his look, don`t seems to look at something or even care.
It`s like a mystery.
A black spot in the whole yellow-green light. But still not a black hole sun… or not?
Flash break.

Fade to black from purple.

I wonder if he`s black inside too, or at least gry, because his skin is so white with some red spots.
4 buttons.
That is classy.
Black flash break, but still purple.

I`m home…
Or not?

And for the feeling:

> In Flames - The Chosen Pessimist

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