marți, 11 iunie 2013


De cateva zile ma incanta piesa asta... si nu ma pot dezlipi de ea. Imi incep ziua pe ea si mi-o inchei tot pe ea cu gandul in multe parti. Dar la sfarsitul zilei tot la un singur lucru se rezuma totul... rivers...

Cuvintele mele sunt de prisos in acest moment, therefore...

Hey what did know about insanity?
You wouldn't tell me what is mad, and what is useful thinking
It doesn't work like this you know, because I don't agree.
You really know nothing about insanity.
Oh what a way to go to sanity.

Disrespecting, disregarding, disillusioning, bullshit everyday
Disrespecting, disregarding, money grabbing, battle starting
Hey, in my own world this is insanity
In my own world this isn't sanity

A river runs freely through my body
A river runs freely through my heart.

I've got something to share with you, it's a story of me.
Of a young girl battered and bruised by society.
Regretting nothing, forgiving everything.
I throw a hug at all my friends and enemies.

Sometimes it's hard to live this, sometimes it hurts,
Sometimes it takes all my courage, 'cause that's the river

My will is good, and since I respect myself, people do so to.
Hey I've been paranoid, and down to hell.
But I get back on my feet, I came back to tell.

Sometimes it's hard to live this, sometimes it hurts.
But it is just the most rewarding, it is a river.

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