miercuri, 13 octombrie 2010

The truth!

Everyone knows about environmental protection, about how we pollute and destroy our planet. We all have seen some documentary about this. We all know about Discovery Channel`s programs about "Eco Tech", of how we should protect and conserve our planet. Documentary movies like this, or like "H.O.M.E.", "An Inconvenient Truth", or BBC`s "Planet Earth" are just some major bullshits about protect the space that we live in. The truth is that we don`t have to do anything about that. Our planet is fragile, but not that fragile to snap under people influence. It is strong enough to resist to our pressure, our pollution. Indeed, there are facts that should alarm us, but the truth is that this whole huge operation is just the biggest business ever made by humans since their existence. Yes, that`s right. I`ve said it.
The whole environmental movement is the biggest business mankind ever made! I don`t say that we should stop protecting our planet, but in that way, in a way that someone does. We have to live our lives in our rhythm, without boundaries, without someone tell us what to do. In this time, as I speak, there are 3 kinds of people: the ones that don`t care, the one`s that believe anything what they are told, and the ones who don`t believe anything and learned to read between the lines. Depends on you where do you want to be. Take care of your environmental space, and let everyone take care of they`re own environmental spaces. This way we should live long and without too much to care. So, protect your space, your beautiful space, but don`t believe anything what they say, and read between the lines. You`ll gonna make much better with this.

P.S.: With special message to E.P.M. Hermannstadt! Rot in Hell!!!!!

And for the feeling:

> 30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie

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  1. cred ca cea mai mare afacere este totusi biserica...

  2. @ cosmin: posibil posibil
    @ alexdiac: care ecologist?