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Album of the weekEND # 9

Volbeat - Beyond Hell Above Heaven 2010

Volbeat is a Danish rock band formed in Copenhagen in 2001. They play a fusion of early rock 'n' roll, heavy metal and rockabilly. They are inspired by the rock 'n' roll legends Metallica, Social Distortion, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Their line-up consists of vocalist and guitarist Michael Poulsen, guitarist Thomas Bredahl, bassist Anders Kjølholm and drummer Jon Larsen. The band is signed to Dutch label Mascot Records and has released four studio albums and one DVD. All of their studio albums were certified gold in Denmark. Their second album Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil received platinum. Their band name is taken from the album Vol. Beat by Michael Poulsen's former band Dominus. "Vol" stands for volume while "Beat" stands for beat.

Beyond Hell/Above Heaven is the Danish heavy metal band Volbeat's fourth studio album and was released on September 10 2010. Singer Michael Poulsen also stated that the album will contain some surprises and guest appearances. Poulsen also stated, “The Album title is “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven” (no reference to religious beliefs). The title refers to the overall theme of the album, and it continues the storyline from where “Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood” left off…”.

It was announced that the new album, Beyond Hell/Above Heaven will be released on September 10, 2010. The band also announced their "Beyond Hell/Above Heaven Live 2010" tour. Michael Poulsen explained the title of the album stating "’s a way telling people that we don’t belong or believe in neither heaven nor hell. So if we go beyond hell, we will make heaven look like hell, and if we go above heaven, we will make hell look like heaven. Heaven and hell is something we create in our minds and personal self-created demons come out of that." Featured on the album is previously released track, "A Warrior's Call", which was made for Danish boxer Mikkel Kessler.
Michael Poulsen has also revealed several of the guest musicians on the album stating "I’m very very proud to have these fine gentlemen with me, since they inspired me a lot for a long time."


> The Mirror And The Ripper
> Heaven Not Hell
> Who They Are
> Fallen
> A Better Believer
> 7 Shots
> A New Day
> 16 Dollars
> A Warrior`s Call
> Magic Zone
> Evelyn
> Being 1
> Thanks


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