miercuri, 8 iulie 2015

The lost eyes of the matador

They call him the matador, he settles all the scores, he kills in plain sight with a blade and a smile. Well he'll settle things in the sun, plays god like the chosen one. Well he's storied from town to town; kills for sport and pride.
Lately I've been wondering what's been going on. I've been here before but I don't remember when and every time we get to where we're entering I feel my beliefs and hopes surrendering. 'Cause like the enemies that we are battling I am nothing but a human alien. Left with nothing else but to keep wandering down this path whilst stopping my hands trembling. I've seen inside the devil's dreams where young men die and graveyards open up their arms for mothers left to cry. I have seen the bleeding and I hate what we've done, but just like every other fool here I'll keep marching on. Because I know that I'll be coming home soon with a soldier's eyes.
I left my home still as a child, I walked a thousand soary miles to wait for my father, to gather up his tools. He said my boy you've got to run, don't wait for me, don't wait for mum; we'll come get you, when it's safe for us to move. So I waited many years, held back the pain behind my tears, for my father, to come find me like he said. And in that time I was alone, so many years without my home, I made brothers of a different kind instead. And at the time I didn't know, just how hard the wind could blow towards disaster, and the things that I would see. I never found my father, I never found my mother even would I know in my lifetime I will be. A hero into the masses, to those born without chances, there's a freedom that everyone deserves. I know there's greed and there's corruption, I've seen death and mass destruction, but I'm telling you, and I hope that I'm heard:
I will not be commanded, I will not be controlled and I will not let my future go on without the help of my soul!


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