joi, 1 mai 2014

31- 46 The heart asks pleasure first

I see fire inside the (her) mountain, because I'll keep on rocking in the free world coming back to life! So, risk my soul and taste my life while whole lotta love is the meaning of the sex on wheels and you're like my favourite damn disease. My guitar gently weeps and I'm coming home to you, girl! My guitar still weeps!

I am living the life of my own, so , Odin, guide our ships! Sparks! If I had a heart your face it would be like a melody. Do you feel much better all alone? I have sympathy for the Devil! So, quench my desire! Chasing the memories of our past, these are the moments that we hold, but they fail to last... Ain't love fucking grand? I'm tired of losing faith, there is nothing more to adore. You will sufer me and I'll show you out of order! Still, a moment of awkwardnes is far better than a night of loneliness as you raised your glass to your last stand. Awakening!
It's been awhile since from the attic sounds of a playground fading were penetrating my suicide note through the Jester's door. They are moving through me 'cause I'm the chosen pessimist. I'm marching to the shore on you're bedtime story that scared everyone. My shit's fucked up! Dead end! Bring me to life!

Sometimes 26 seems to be too much, and yet too few...

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