miercuri, 9 aprilie 2014

The end begins

Take my hand, now be alive! You see I can not be forsaken because I'm not the only one. Must we hide from everyone? Why can't we be togheter? Sleeping so long...
All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey...
Why don't you make mistakes like I do? - I don't wanna die!!!
You're heart is not open, so why I must go?! Freedom comes when learn to let go, creation comes when you learn to say "no". You were my lesson I had to learn, I was your fortress you had to burn. I pray to God that it won't be long! I wanna get higher!!! There's nothing left to try, there's no place left to hide, there's nothing left to lose, there's no greater power than power of goodbye! Learn to say goodbye!

In front of me there are cartoons on TV, some cars are circling a lake. In my rigth there's a supergirl with pearls in her hair and I'm confrunting my demons. She's here, or at least I can feel her around me. She bothered me all morning. It's the thing she likes most. And I'm gonna tender surrender myself, because you give love a bad name. Fuck Yeah!!! And though we all die young, you can risk my soul and taste my life for my bread. I had to spend my time lost in space and questioning myself "am I dead?". Ohhh, let the river flow... and take me from my own, be the eyes of time! She turn my dream to stone, yeah, we all die...

The reason gates won't open up for me show me what it's life, and teach me wrong from right. Save me, because with these broken wings I'm falling! And all you need is you, I'm calling for you, SAVE ME! SAVE ME for the love of God!

Did you ever picture life like this, no shooting stars to grant your wish, are you everything you'll hope to be,cut somewhere in between? Only try to keep your head above the water, don't be another brick in the wall!!!

So, say it right, because all I know we both share regrets.
Should I try and cut myself for you? Do I have to let it bleed with no remours? Tell me exactly what to do! 'Cause I've been left here in the cold. There's nothing here we can not change. I can not find myslef without you (and) you can not be yourself without me, all I know is we both share regrets!

... and I'm running!
I wanna be alone this evening, don't need your friends, don't need your kisses too, another whiskey, can't stop drinking! ... and I'm running! And I'm hiding my love...

Mama told me when I was young - Set beside me, my only son and listen closely to what I say, and if you do this, it will help you some sunny day! Oh, take your turn, don't live to fast, troubles will come, and they will past. You'll find a woman, and you'll find love, and don't forget my son, there's someone of above! Don't worry, you'll find yourself, follow your heart and nothing else, and you can do this if you try, all that I want for you my son, is be satified! And be a simplem kind of man, I want to do this for me if you can! get your lust, a richman's goal, all that you need is in your soul. And you can do this if you try, all that I want for you my son is be satified!

Let my heart go, or let this heart be still

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