miercuri, 9 octombrie 2013

Black Nights

Hey what did know about insanity? You wouldn't tell me what is mad, and what is useful thinking; It doesn't work like this you know, because I don't agree. You really know nothing about insanity. Oh what a way to go to sanity. Disrespecting, disregarding, disillusioning, bullshit everyday; disrespecting, disregarding, money grabbing, battle starting. Hey, in my own world this is insanity. In my own world this isn't sanity. I've got something to share with you, it's a story of me. Of a young girl battered and bruised by society. Regretting nothing, forgiving everything. I throw a hug at all my friends and enemies. Sometimes it's hard to live this, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it takes all my courage, 'cause that's the river... My will is good, and since I respect myself, people do so to. Hey I've been paranoid, and down to hell. But I get back on my feet, I came back to tell.

A round of applause, you got what you want, take a good look at what you give up because I'm telling you a heart can't be unbroken. And can you remember how I kiss you recall the sweet taste in your mouth 'cause baby, the memory is all you get now and I'm moving, moving, moving on. Does every morning make you happy? And tell me do you laugh yourself to sleep? I hope you find it's easy to forget me. I hope you don't feel anything when you see me, I wonder if you're out there having fun I hope you get all that you really wanted 'cause I'm moving, moving, moving on. Don't you see the light has changed and nothing looks the same? Just shadows on the ground and if you listen carefully you'll hear the sound.

We're like crystal, we break easy, I'm a poor man, if you leave me, I'm applauded, then forgotten, it was summer, now it's autumn!

So little time, so little time, I'm so frustrated, some little joy, so little joy, it's complicated ,so little time, so little time, time to work it on out. So little joy, so little joy, it's complicated, I feel I'm stumbling in the dark somnambulated. I feel my heart seeking the sparks, I'm praying for love.

Black night, white lights your eyes amplify, like a heartbeat on the downbeat lover. Black night, white lights on the B-side. I found what I was after. Black night white lights you're so crazy, nice like a small town filled with skyscrapers. Black night white lights so divine, take me downtown, be my saviour. And the whole world is you on this black night you make everything come true under white lights. Black night, white lights your hand is locked in mine like a chain link sealing the exit. Black night, white lights R.G.B.Y. thïs photo says I'm taken. You're on my radar, on my radar with your designer love before things get much crazier there's something you should know. You're on my radar on my radar with your designer love. Sometimes when I watch you sleep I think I made you up. You're on my radar tonight...

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