joi, 7 februarie 2013

There was a time...

Asta e un playlist asa random din niste vremuri apuse... Ar fi trebuit sa ma strofoc un pic mai mult pentru aranjare, dar importanta in momentul de fata este substanta. Enjoy! Cu dedicatie si cu multumiri Laurei! SENTENCED - end of the road, NIGHTWISH - ghost love score, GUNS'N'ROSES - there was a time, GUNS'N'ROSES - if the world, GUNS'N'ROSES - sorry, MGMT - electric feel, MUSE - undisclosed desire, LINKIN PARK - what i've done, STEEL DRAGON - stand up and shout THE 69 EYES - devils, STEEL DRAGON - we all die young, THE 69 EYES - gothic girl, EPICA - cry for the moon, MGMT - kids, MGMT - time to pretend, NIGHTWISH - over the hills and far away, MICHAEL JACKSON - give in to me, GUNS'N'ROSES - estranged, SLASH'S SNAKEPIT - serial killer, GUNS'N'ROSES - civil war, SLASH'S SNAKEPIT - back to the moment, NIGHTWISH - 7 days to the wolves, NIGHTWISH - cadence of her last breath, TANTRIC - breakdown, SENTENCED - cross my heart and hope to die, NIGHTWISH - once upon a troubadour, KINGS OF LEON - sex on fire, NIGHTWISH - deep silent complete, NIGHTWISH - the carpenter, NIGHTWISH - ever dream, NIGHTWISH - end of all hope, NIGHTWISH - phantom of the opera, NIGHTWISH - lagoon, NIGHTWISH - dark chest of wonders, NIGHTWISH - planet hell, NIGHTWISH - the siren, THE VERVE PIPE - colorful, GUNS'N'ROSES - patience, GUNS'N'ROSES - paradise city, PINK FLOYD - another brick in the wall part II, METALLICA - fade to black, IN FLAMES - only for the weak, IN FLAMES - come clarity, MUSE - supermassive black hole, MUSE - time is running out, MUSE - plug in baby, GUNS'N'ROSES - shakler's revenge, LINKIN PARK - in the end, LINKIN PARK - numb, GUNS'N'ROSES - i.r.s., GUNS'N'ROSES - madagascar, GUNS'N'ROSES - prostitute, 2PAC - open fire, MICHAEL JACKSON - they don't care about us, MICHAEL JACKSON - dirty diana, THE WHITE STRIPES - seven nation army, GUANO APES - open your eyes, NICKELBACK - rockstar, LUNA HALO - on my way, ANOTHER ANIMAL - fade away, LINKIN PARK - faint, VILLE VALO & NATALIA AVELON - summer wine, THE EAGLES - hotel california, MUSE - sing for absolution, THE VERVE - bittersweet simphony, LINKIN PARK - leave out all the rest.

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