marți, 27 iulie 2010

Fade to black... on the dark streets of soul

In the air tonight, on the dark side of the globe… I`m in the mood for doing things, lots of things, but I`m in a holiday rhythm, building a bridge over one day blackbird. Thinking of “camino palmero” there`s nothing more or left to do. I want to drive, to get out of this place, from the inside-out. People tell me that I need a job. I need a blow job, that`s what I need. Thinking of tomorrow, living in the past having a present - feeling of time… A smoke from a cigarette should relax me, but I`m feeling like comfortably numb, and I`m not sure of many things, struggling between water and air, between air and water. I`ll go with the flow, eventually… But I`ll try not to break my wings…
And to quote a friend, there are only two ways: stairway to heaven, or highway to hell. All I`m saying is that I like the stratosphere.

So enjoy!

> Wyclef Jean – 911
> 2pac – Foolish games
> Mary J. Blige – Be without you
> Ice – T – Valuable game
> Lenny Kravitz – Believe in me
> 2pac – Staring at the world through my rearview
> Aaliyah - I care 4 u
> P. Diddy – Last night

Bonus track:

> Groove Armada - Think twice
> Massive Attack - Paradise circus

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