joi, 18 iunie 2015

Heaven & Hell

I spoke to God today, and she said that she's ashamed.
I spoke to the Devil today, and he swears he's not to blame.
I heard from God today, and she sounded just like me.
I saw the Devil today, and he looked a lot like me.
It could have been much worse, but it should have been better.
I know I'd hurt you, deserted you and now I see it clear.
I pulled you closer, tighter 'cause I knew you'd disappear.
I just can't compromise, apologize, there's nothing you can say.
We both knew it'd always end this way.
Like it or not I'm still a part of you and you're still a part of me.
If the world stops spinning tomorrow I'd never shed a tear!
If there was no tomorrow,if there was just today, would you make different choices, or would you stay the same?
So this is how it ends... All the tears, all the blood, it's all been for nothing.
As the candle dwindles and flickers out
The end.

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