luni, 25 mai 2015

All that I was...

Throw me a sign and I'll leave it alone so I can bury my own. I tear at this pain, this darkness I've known - this time it has won, retreat inside until the threat is gone. Oh how we've buried our way. Throw me a sign and I'll leave it alone. Throw me a sign and just lead us astray, but may the rest of our days, somehow reveal that it was all just a waste. And how could we have known and where in the world has our good fortune gone? We've got to find it some way and how in the world did we end up alone? So you're afraid, said it's a long way down with everything said, you were hurting, but you're much better now. Now all the time's spent... Oh, the moment's come and gone left with what you've come to be. But now your hope is all but lost, the years they've all been such a waste, it's all been such a waste...
I wish you well!
It's what you're dying for. Been stripped off your pride, been damned before, but you never learn. Are you really blind?
Lost sight of the truth and lost your mind. Do you feel much better all alone and out of place? I fear the worst of days are yet to come... It takes you in and tears it all out, but you never know. It takes your life, turns you into someone and you know it won't be long someone you'd never know. Don't claim that you know me when you know very well that I have seen through it all and don't claim that you know why when you know everything when you've seen things for what they were. Inside you feel it taking over when you feel it most ,it draws you in and tears it away, then it leaves you lost. You waste your time, you hide too much don't ever let me find what you're thinking. What's in your head? You ask too much don't ever let me beg. Who are you? Tired of losing, losing faith seems that it's harder, hard to fight through each day
Save us from breaking down - but how? Can we restore how it was or is it gone? Chasing the memories of our past - these are the moments that we hold, but they fail to last. Decided I'm leaving, leaving now - but how? Can we find nowhere to go? And are we lost? Still we must carry on 'cause we've come so far. We've won before and let's try not to waste, waste one moment, let's try today! Take back what we've lost! Here today and gone tomorrow. Hope that there's just some other way out fighting too long to be the last to know, I hope that there's just some other way out. Go find your way out now, hope that there's just some other way out. Would you finally know it when it came? Would it have a reason, have a name?
Would you truly hate it when it's gone and curse it all along? All I was so unlike the way you know me. All these dreams are so unlike the way they were before. Would it finally change you, will you break? Would it leave you angered, 'cause you pain? Could it be the threat's already gone? And was it all along? Hide it like another shame so we may start again reach inside and tear away. You pray now for the end, try to find another goal, while others are erased. Feed it like another soul. Lost - is the proof now. Wasted all again - gone. Is our way out, time and time again. Mourn it like another gone, another passed away. Know that we have just begun, to forge a better day, open like another door. It's feeling right again, sold it like another soul.
You could be right, but it doesn't matter.
You know this fight it can't be won...

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